Axle polish kit
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Here is your all in one axle polishing kit! This kit includes the products needed for you to get the shine you are seeking for the fastest axles around. This kit includes;

  • 10- .25 X 5 inch sandpaper strips. Two strips of grit 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000. Each strip in individually labeled with what grit it is. No more getting confused as to what strip is what.

  • 1- Blue Diamond Chip axle polish.

  • 1- Derby Evolution final polishing cloth

Instructions for best results

Install axle to be polished in any type of device that can hold and spin axle at high speeds.(Drill, Dremel, Ect)

While spinning the axle use each grit sandpaper 1000-3000, for 10-15 seconds per grit. This will smooth axle surface. (water helps keep sand paper clean from build up)

Once done sanding apply Blue Diamond Chip axle polish to a microfiber towel, apply a fair amount of pressure to the spinning axle with the polish coated towel.

After polished is applied with microfiber towel use Derby Evolution Polishing cloth while axle is still spinning to remove excessive polish and buff axlen to final shine.

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Axle polish kit

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