Stainless Guide Pin
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The Stainless Guide Pin by Derby Evolution will help you get the most speed from your Pinewood Derby Car. These guide pins are designed to replace the raised 4th on your Pinewood Derby Car, giving your car an aerodynamic advantage. These guide pins are track tested and race proven!

The Stainless Guide Pin is simple and easy to install! These are designed to fit your existing axle hole and can be adjusted to various angles allowing you to find the extra speed in your Pinewood Derby car. These are designed to fit axles holes drilled with a #43 drill bit, but can be fitted into axle slots. The Stainless Guide Pin measures .091 where it enters the car body and then steps down to .030 providing an aerodynamic advantage.

Please check your rules to make sure that you are allowed to run these.

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Stainless Guide Pin

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